Day: May 19, 2011

The Cluttered Church

When we are focused as churches, our passions become clearer to the community around us. It becomes easier for us to share our story. And if we’re a cluttered mess, it’s hard to be that relevant voice. What’s your success been chasing your church’s dust bunnies?

A survey confirms majority support same-sex marriage

A PRRI poll on same-sex marriage is consistent with other recent polls: A majority of Americans now would allow same-sex marriage. Meanwhile, Sojourners has issued a FAQ concerning its decision not to run an ad showing a lesbian family.

Equally Blessed on the John Jay sexual abuse report

The John Jay College Final Report issued yesterday does faithful Catholics good service by discrediting the ungrounded, homophobic accusations of the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue and others that the church’s clergy sex abuse scandal was caused by gay priests.

Catholic abuse report authors defend findings

“What is clear to us was that in many cases the bishops did respond, but they were responding to their priests,” Ms. Terry said. “They were looking to help the priest, to treat the priest, to help him overcome his sickness. What they did not do was focus on the victims and the harm to the victims.”

ARCIC III notes the Anglican Communion is what it is

American Magazine says, “the two themes for ARCIC III could not be more apt. The group will be studying “the Church as communion — local and universal” and “how in communion the local and universal Church comes to discern right ethical teaching” — precisely the issues, in other words, which the Anglican Communion has been facing.”

In defense of seminaries

Mr. Bowyer claims, in columns published on April 20 and May 11, that seminary is, basically, a waste of time. Clergy are not trained properly in seminary, he says. Among the claims he makes is that learning about such topics as Church History and Theology does nothing to prepare a person for leading a congregation.

A holy life

St. Dunstan’s life at Canterbury is characteristic; long hours, both day and night, were spent in private prayer, besides his regular attendance at Mass and the Office. Often he would visit the shrines of St. Augustine and St. Ethelbert, and we are told of a vision of angels who sang to him heavenly canticles.