Day: May 17, 2011

Hawking: there is no heaven

In denying the existence of heaven, Hawking definitely commits a sin — that of speaking badly about others. Hawking’s sin, in Jewish tradition, is called lashon ha’rah, and interestingly it is not limited to speaking falsely. …[it] is defined by the callousness, mean-spiritedness or insensitivity of the utterance, even if it is true.

Lady Gaga and the Gospel of Judas

Lady Gaga — the queer icon and pop sensation — is setting off the Christian right again. In her new song and video, “Judas,” Lady Gaga sings over and over, “I’m in love with Judas,” referring to the reviled disciple who betrays Jesus Christ for 30 pieces of silver. Is there anything redemptive, theologically speaking, about this song and video?

Third Way for Congregations

The end of Christendom means that congregations must learn anew how to do adult Christian formation. Too highly rational or intellectual congregations need to rediscover spirituality. They need to re-encounter both mystery and a living God.

The war in Libya fails the test

The United States is now fighting three wars concurrently: one each in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. That is correct, Libya. Even though no formal declaration of war exists, the U.S. is at war with Libya and we need moral clarity about that fact and about whether the war is just or unjust.

Overseer and laborer

Rev. Father in God: This presentation of a Bishop’s Robes is the first that has occurred in the history of our youthful diocese. We who have the privilege of making it wish that it may be regarded as an expression both of our gratitude to Almighty God, the giver of all good gifts, and also of our love and respect for our fellow-man who has been placed over us in the Lord. The gift itself is small; but to us it implies much