Day: May 15, 2011

A living hope

Hope changes things. God is not like an especially powerful creature, but is the ground of our very being. When we come to new birth in Christ–when we stop presenting an obstacle to God’s mercy in our lives–we grow in our freedom.

Know thy neighborhood

“When members meet Tuesday at the church, they’ll be assigned different routes in a one-mile radius. Members, whom Seles said should invite a friend to join them on the walk, are to be observant as to what they see and who they meet.”

Our shepherd

There is no image of the Saviour as exploited by Christian art as that of the Good Shepherd. However, it too often puts before us an idyllic, somewhat effeminate figure, with insipid colours—in short, something very different from the rough, nomadic shepherd who inspired the words of Christ and who, alone,