Day: May 14, 2011

Faith is integral to human nature

A new study coordinated in Oxford is showing strong evidence that to be human is to believe in there is more to this existence that we can directly perceive. Or, put another way, human’s are hard-wired to believe in the divine.

Presiding Bishop on the future of “catholic beyond boundaries” churches

The Presiding Bishop is in Utrecht this week, preaching, delivering the annual Quasimodo lecture and representing the Episcopal Church. The Old Catholic Church, which was formed by elements of the Roman Catholic Church that could not accept the doctrine of Papal Infallibility, has its historic center in the Netherlands at Utrecht. They are one of …

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The homeless man who is paying the banker’s bills

A Chicago banker who lost her job nearly a year ago was facing living on the streets with her 10 year old son. A man who’s been living on the street for seven years has been paying to keep her and her son in a hotel and off the streets. It’s a story of surprising reversal and grace.

Religious art returns to the fore

Did you notice the trees at the royal wedding this month? Lots of people did. As Jonathan Jones puts it, “They opened our eyes to the grandeur of a medieval building that might otherwise have struck television viewers as just a dark, lofty old bulwark of church and state.”

Ireland acts on Anglican Covenant

Yesterday the Church of Ireland voted to “subscribe” to the Anglican Covenant. Earlier this week, as already noted, the Province of South East Asia acceded to the Covenant. Both seem to be taking to the Covenant on their on terms.

Blessed sacrament

Whatsoever the Spirit can convey to the body of the church, we may expect from this sacrament; for as the Spirit is the instrument of life and action, so the blood of Christ is the conveyance of His Spirit.