Day: May 2, 2011

A tipping point on marriage equality?

It’s not every day that a leading law firm fires a client for holding a position so extreme that it may be said to be unworthy of a defense. And it is rarer yet — unheard of, really — when that client is the House of Representatives and the position in question is a federal law.

3 Presbyterian moderators support end to LGBT discrimination

I am humble enough to know that I will never fully understand the will of God and the mind of Christ about anything, but I am just as confident that God is moving the Presbyterian Church (USA), even in the midst of our deep division, to a place of full inclusion of our LGBTQ brothers and sisters.

The one and only Diocese of Quincy says no to the covenant

Despite protests to the contrary, it is clear that Section 4 is punitive. It is a break with the history of the Communion, which has been a warm fellowship of churches in communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury and who share common sources of worship and tradition.

On rejoicing, or not, when an enemy falls

“Even the most firmly convinced just-war Christian has no business expressing anything other than penitent relief at this turn of events. The litany of biblical texts and theological principles that speak against revenge, warfare, and unilateralism should not need repeating.”

Sanctified in him

What advantage then was it for the immortal to have assumed the mortal? Or what improvement does the everlasting one get by putting on the temporal? How great can any reward be for the everlasting God and King in the bosom of the Father? Don’t you see that this too was done and written because of us and for us?