About those headmasters at St. George’s

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In addition to serving on the Governing Board of the National Association of Episcopal Schools from 1992-2000 (as Vice President from 1995-1996 and President from 1996-2000), the Rev. George E. Andrews II was the recipient of the Ruth Jenkins Award for Outstanding Service to NAES in 2004. Rev. Andrews has continued his involvement and commitment to Episcopal education by maintaining associations with key constituencies, enabling him to remain connected with the issues and trends in Episcopal school chaplaincy and to cultivate a wide network on behalf of chaplain search efforts.

Are we all responsible for the killings in Chapel Hill?

Last week, an angry man killed three of his neighbors over what he claims was a long-running parking dispute.

The three victims were all Muslim. Yusor Abu-Salha was a 21 year old planning to attend UNC Chapel Hill dental school that fall. She had recently been interviewed for NPR’s StoryCorps, by her 3rd grade teacher. Her little sister, Razan Abu-Salha, 19, was also killed, as was her husband, Deah Barakata, 23, who was enrolled as a dental student at UNC.