Speaking to the Soul: Jesus Prays for Us

Jesus prays for us. I suppose it should not be surprising that this is how Jesus chose to spend his quickly dwindling time. And, yet, it is incredibly humbling to sit with this knowledge.

The Book of Comic Prayer

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No, it’s not the prayer said by a comedian before going on-stage, it is a book that explores prayer through comic art written by Heather Annis, Director of Children and Youth Ministries at St. John’s Episcopal Church, Barrington, Rhode Island.

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A gift: prayer and presence

When I sit with Jesus early in the morning, I am spending time. Is not the word “spending” so interesting here? We spend time. We make time. We have time. We spend Money. We make Product. We have Gift. So I take this valuable time, like pieces of silver, and I spend some on time with Jesus.

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