A Nursery for Ambition?

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OPINION: GC Task Force on Episcopacy is considering creation of a list of “pre-approved” candidates for bishop’s elections, which Frederick Schmidt argues is a perilous idea; a profound theological and spiritual mistake

Access to health care is an imperative of our Baptismal Covenant

For more than thirty-five years, the General Convention has expressed support for access to healthcare for all Americans, whether defined specifically as citizens, or more broadly to include everyone. This is a principle that can’t be tied to a single law or legislative initiative. Rather, for the Episcopal Church this is an expression of the Baptismal Covenant.

whither 2015?

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In our modern, connected world stories rise like rockets and quickly traverse the media sky and what seemed to generate so much light and noise in the immediate experience quickly fade from our attention. Sometimes, these stories speak to deeper happenings in the life of the body (and sometimes not) but here are some thoughts on the Church in the year just passed.

Understanding Anglicanism is a bit like assembling an IKEA bookcase

Really, our theology is a bit like IKEA furniture, and nowhere is the IKEA-ness expressed best in the American church through General Convention. If you’ve ever put together anything from IKEA, you know that the instructions are short on words, big on pictures, and the expectation is that with these instructions, any of us can “go thou and do likewise.”