Revival series starts in Pittsburgh

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The first of six scheduled Revivals led by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry will take place in Pittsburgh next month.

nabisco man

Church of the Nabisco Man

Somewhere along the way, though, the church took on the American language of growth and turned it into both the new plumb-line and the new gospel. Growth is important: trust me, as a rector I very much want the Church to grow. But often what we refer to as church growth has little or nothing to do with evangelism, which is a little weird when you stop and think about it.


New Russian Federation anti-extremism laws will have profound effect on citizens’ lives

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In June of this year the Russian Federation’s Duma approved a finalized version of anti-extremist/anti-terrorist legislation. Vladimir Putin signed the bill 7 JUL. The new law was scheduled to go into effect 20 JUL 2016 and would have a profound affect in the religious lives of many Russian citizens.

Saint JOhn's Cathedral Denver, a user of the Come and See Campaign

Come and See

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Last week we had a story about a joint effort of the College for Bishops, The Episcopal Church Development Office and The Episcopal Church Foundation called Project Resource that seeks to change the culture of acquiring resources for ministry. A key part of Project Resource is the intentional evangelism program called Come and See. In this article, Project Resource’s chief architect The Rev Canon Charles LaFond explains “Come and See.”