Speaking to the Soul: What Is Wholeness?

I don’t think of wholeness as having an end or being a specific destination for which we are all striving, but rather wholeness is the journey of this life.

Death and memory

Marilyn McCord Adams reflects on dementia’s ability to rob us of ourselves
It is one thing for the body to stiffen and atrophy, wear out, “dust to dust” returning. But it is another when the mind has such difficulty pulling itself into focus enough to pay attention, when it becomes such an effort to connect one thought with another. Dementia carries this process to its logical conclusion. Not only does it make us forget our life stories. It robs us of the recognition that we are anyone at all.

Speaking to the Soul: Unbind Him

As long as we allow death culture to reign over kingdom culture people can’t become saints. Death culture makes it impossible for people to do anything except survive. But — and this is the good part — with God all things are possible. We can move from being a society of survivors to a society of thrivers, but only if we help one another.