Rising racial conflict and the decline of church

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The Atlantic has a new article titled “Breaking Faith” which argues that the decline in religious participation, rather than leading to lessening of the “culture wars,” has instead made possible a much more vicious cultural struggle rooted in race and tribal affiliation with little common ground on which to build reconciliation and renewal.

Going to church alone

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“I opened the church door. Inside, it was silent. Had I gotten the time wrong… I felt a pang of dismay as I hovered on the threshold, deciding whether to investigate further or just go home. Through the open door, I could smell the distinct fragrance that seems to emanate from every old church: incense, candles, flowers. I stepped inside.”

Understanding Anglicanism is a bit like assembling an IKEA bookcase

Really, our theology is a bit like IKEA furniture, and nowhere is the IKEA-ness expressed best in the American church through General Convention. If you’ve ever put together anything from IKEA, you know that the instructions are short on words, big on pictures, and the expectation is that with these instructions, any of us can “go thou and do likewise.”