Speaking to the Soul: We are not alone

We are not alone. We are bound together through the Water and Word, through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

Remember your baptism!

During his annual visit to our church today, the bishop will baptize Evanna. She’s a tall, somewhat plump transgender woman around age twenty… Our church has one other trans member, my sixteen-year-old son, Max… This is a safe place, yet instinctively I watch people’s reactions toward LGBTQ people. I look out for Evanna as if she were my own child.

The LDS Church denies baptism and other sacraments & ordinances to the children of same gender couples

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Earlier this past week on 5 NOV, KUTV in Salt Lake City announced that the LDS Church will not allow the children, biological or adopted, of same gender couples, legally married or cohabiting, to receive a name and a blessing at birth, nor baptism at eight years of age.

Baptism isn’t brainwashing; op-ed on what brought about the religious conversion of a gay, liberal, open-minded man to Christianity

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Writing for the Guardian, Jonathan Elliott explores his identity, and talks about converting to Christianity in his 30s. Despite years as a self-proclaimed crusading atheist, Elliott discerned a faith behind the anger he felt towards religion, and began looking for a church denomination where he could explore his faith.