Quincy studies separation

The Standing Committee of the Diocese of Quincy is studying the question, “Shall the Diocese of Quincy separate from the Episcopal Church?”

It has distributed a 35-page document, “The Church in Crisis: A Resource for the Diocese of Quincy,” to every member household in the diocese. The standing committee says it contains “reliable information on the current situation.”

It’s worthy of note that Virtue Online is listed as a reliable source. That’s not surprising given that Bishop Ackerman and David Virtue hung out together at Lambeth. So why do conservative websites, among others, consistently ignore Virtue?

Indicative of the overall sloppiness of the document, the Presiding Bishop’s name is inconsistently and incorrectly spelled throughout. On page 11 alone you will find Katharine Jefferts Schori (correct), Kathyrn Jefferts Schori, and Kathyrn Jefferts-Schori.

The document devotes a page to listing names of “Clergy Casualties.” But most of those are not casualties. These individuals merely resigned; they were not forced out.

The diocese reported an average Sunday attendance of 1,105 in 2006. In 1996 its ASA was 1, 325. (Source.) Much of the Sunday attendance is at the Cathedral. Since 1996 ASA in diocese has declined 19 percent; Ackerman became bishop in 1994. By comparison, domestic attendance in The Episcopal Church has declined 8 percent over the same time period.

Read the document and check the facts (PDF).

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  1. What is it about, “Bishop, you may leave at any time, but you may not take the diocese with you,” that they do not understand?

    David Virtue as a reliable source? Please.

    June Butler

  2. Roger Mortimer

    The cathedral statistics are interesting. A 33% drop in baptized membership over the last two recorded years (2005/2006), going from a little over 600 members to just under 400, but an 43% boost in income (“plate/pledge” – $350,000 to $500,000) in that same two year period.

    33% fall in membership, 43% increase in income, in one 12 month period?

    In praise of David Virtue, Mimi, I have found his archive the only reliable source of now-expired “local” South Carolina newspaper items on the All Saints, Pawleys Island lawsuits. StandFirm and T19 seem to have reported very little on the legal proceedings. Mr Virtue has reported and archived far more, regardless of which side the judgments favored.

  3. Richard III

    “What is it about, “Bishop, you may leave at any time, but you may not take the diocese with you,” that they do not understand.” They understand, they just don’t care to follow the rules because they believe TEC is so corrupt that the rules no longer apply to them. Arrogant and a lack of integrity, if they had any they would renounce their orders and just leave.

    Richard Warren

  4. tgflux

    The document devotes a page to listing names of “Clergy Casualties.” But most of those are not casualties. These individuals merely resigned; they were not forced out.

    Geez Louise: Drama Queens! :-0

    Why don’t they go try being an LGBT person in Nigeria or Uganda, if they want to see what a “casualty” really is!

    Lord have mercy…

    JC Fisher

  5. JRG

    The clergy list is even sloppier than described. For example, several of the priests listed are from the Diocese of Pittsburgh. One was suspended by Bishop Duncan until Sept 21, 2008 for issues related to a remarriage. He is committed to remaining in TEC. He’s a casualty, but not the kind Quincy thinks. Another is a woman who has not been active in ministry for several years and has converted to one of the Eastern Rite churches. Two others left Pittsburgh in good standing with Bishop Duncan when they accepted calls to breakaway parishes now affiliated with CANA. Another is from KANSAS (although listed as canonicaly resident in Pittsburgh for the last several years) and went to Uganda to be a member of Archbishop Orombi’s staff. She left in 2004 BEFORE her parish separated from TEC.

    The booklet shows signs of being scissored and pasted together with contradictory statements and multiple descriptions of the same event. Two versions of the posting of a pagan liturgy on site on Women’s Ministry resource page that permitted uploads from anyone are shown one following the other as though they were separate incidents.

    Two different descriptions of the group Via Media USA actually contradict each other. One claiming that Every Voice Network formed VMUSA and the other that it is an alliance of groups dedicated to heterodoxy. This latter takes the VMUSA mission statement and adds phrases to it such as “celebrates its diverse understandings of matters outside the basic tenents of the faith” — distorting greatly what the mission statement actually says.

    JR Gunderson

  6. Jim Stockton

    Upon reviewing Quincy’s document, I noticed immediately a remarkable similarity to a document produced earlier this year by the rector of St. Martin’s, Houston. Like the Quincy document, the rector’s production seemed aimed at persuading its readers that they soon would need to choose either the Anglican Communion or the Episcopal Church, i.e. that the two were no longer congruent. Aside from the material that is specific to the Diocese of Quincy, the rest of the material is virtually identical to what was incorporated in the rector’s tome at St. Martin’s. Comparison of these documents moves one to wonder if there is a “Q” source, a boilerplate document, from which both the Diocese of Quincy and the Houston church’s rector have drawn. It suggests a coordinated effort, albeit awkwardly so, to misinformation to promote an ideology and schism.

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