Person to person evangelism works best, survey says

Cathy Lee Grossman of USA Today reports on some helpful findings from a survey conducted by the Southern Baptist Convention:

The Southern Baptist Convention, which is launching a new national campaign to bring unbelievers to Jesus, is up against a major obstacle: motivating its own members to evangelize.

But it may be the only effective way to reach people, according to a survey of 15,173 people by LifeWay Research, a Christian research firm.

The survey found only two ways most people said they were somewhat or very willing to “receive information” about Jesus: 63% would hear it in a “personal conversation with a family member,” or with a friend or neighbor from the church (56%).


“It’s a challenge,” says Brandon Pickett, spokesman for the board. He sees as many reasons for shying away from evangelizing “as there are individuals.”

But overall, “many people fear they will be rejected or ignored or won’t have a ready answer for questions or opposition. The board and pastors are going to give people the support in apologetics (defense of the faith), doctrine and theology so they feel more confident,” he says.

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  1. James Vester

    It should be remembered that anything with the name or imprint “Lifeway” is an organ or instrument of the Southern Baptist Convention, headquartered in Nashville, TN.

  2. This is simple. Really simple. It WAS a complex issue until some many years ago when one Episcopal Priest helped us figure it all out…instead of pontificating or expecting people to know what we´re talking about/up as Christians (or worse yet, shunning others/lifting one eyebrow if they don´t know how to balance a Prayer Book, a Hymnal, Sunday Supplements/inserts and remain calm and chic all at the same time) or the best Evangelizing ¨turn off¨ yet is if ¨we¨ don´t look right (but it´s fine to pretend that we ARE right as long as we are proper, Episcopalians…don´t yammer on and on overly mucho about God as God is quite a private matter at our spiritually private crowd)…all one need do, really, is quietly participate in everyday life, show up, shake a hand, anonymously helping someone is nice but Jesus GRANDSTANDING isn´t a very good example of humility and borders more on RUN-AWAY-SELFRIGHTEOUSNESS and PRIDE (and spittle spewing, very unattractive)… and, then, simply, we do what we are best at doing anyway…IDENTIFYING and LIVING at CHURCH with one another, sharing our ACTUAL REAL LIFE SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCES (you know, YOUR REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES?)…then, presto, we gladly give and receive to one another/share with one another, friends and sometimes even family (yikes) are glad we did, we have helped them, they have helped us with their understanding of God influencing their life…our great blessings (along with some of our ability to keep on beliving during great heart aches) is The Gift of God for the People of God…to be shared appropriately and not used to make Used Car Sales pitch or some other emotional tangenting…telling the truth about oneself counts (bigtime, I listen to some helpful, first person, homilies)…accepting life and Trusting God are key I notice as I keep maturing…I keep discovering that God actually wants ME to be ME and YOU to be YOU…just being a REALLY authentic example of oneself, accepting the gift of Gods Worldview REALITY and sometimes sharing my not-so-secret religious beliefs (and a lot of other stuff that would be better if I didn´t go on and on)…well, it works for me and countless others because one doesn´t need to prepare HUMAN BEINGS to have the RIGHT ANSWERS for possible questions about God and Church (I think it so funny that some of the excluding Parish make a big fuss out of WHO WE ARE on their Homepage)…all one need know is to be themselves, your experience, your now and your hopes are important and TRUE.

    When answering probing questions about my Faith/relationship with God and the Church that gives me a BIG WELCOME and encourages human diversity…I say something like, ¨can you imagine, at The Episcopal Church they seem glad when I am the ACTUAL version of me¨ anyway, how else could I find out the REAL character ¨issues¨ that I ought ¨work on as I reach out for help?¨

    Trust God, it´s OK to just ¨be¨ at The Episcopal Church…whew, that´s a relief…verdad? The Episcopal Church WELCOMES EVERYONE!

    That´s a very big start!

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