North Carolina religious organizations in different places on the bathroom bill (House Bill 2)

The Star News Online reports that some of the religious organizations in the Wilmington NC area are flat out opposed to the bathroom bill legislation and are rallying with the troops to have it rescinded. Other churches are sitting on the fence with a wait & see position. There may even be some churches who have vocally supported the bill.

North Carolina’s version of the law states that everyone is to use the restroom corresponding to the gender indicated on their birth certificate. Which means that a transgender man, a female transitioning to male, are to use the women’s restroom. Likewise, a transgender woman. a male transitioning to female, are to use the men’s restroom. Both cases can lead to very uncomfortable confrontations, for the transgender person forced to use the “wrong” restroom, as well as, for those whom they may encounter in the restroom. Such encounters may also be extremely dangerous for the transgender person in question.

The Roman Diocese of Raleigh, which includes Wilmington, has not publicly taken a position on the bill. However, the bishops of the Roman dioceses of Raleigh and Charlotte had previously & jointly denounced the Charlotte non-discrimination law that resulted in the introduction of the bathroom bill in the state legislature. The local Wilmington Baptist Association states that baptist churches have not taken a position.

The three Episcopal bishops of North Carolina are opposed to the bathroom bill stating the bill;

actually contribute(s) to prejudice and misunderstanding toward our neighbors whose gender identity is more complicated than the simple matter of anatomy.

The NC Conference of the United Methodist Church is expected to issue a statement against the legislation before the start of the UMC General Conference 10 MAY in Portland OR.

A number of Reformed jewish rabbis have denounced the bill, including Wilmington’s Rabbi Paul Sidlofsky of Temple of Israel.

I believe that the law is discriminatory as well as detrimental to our state’s reputation. As Jews and as human beings, we should speak out in favor of equal rights for all people.

15 clergy with the Metropolitan Community Churches in North Carolina, including the pastor of Wilmington’s St Jude MCC, the Revd John McLaughlin, have issued a letter demanding the repeal of the bathroom bill.

For anyone living in the area of Durum NC, there will be a panel presentation regarding HB 2 at the Trinity UMC which is organized by the NC Council of Churches and sponsored by Equality NC and the Equality Federation. The event is Sunday, 24 APR, at 5 pm.

The main image is a screenshot of an interactive graphic where you may mouse over each state for a quick status of any bathroom bill legislation in that state.

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  1. Dr. William A Flint, MDiv, PhD

    Legalized discrimination is a social and spiritual cancer that must be cut out of the community body politic. There is no room for this kind of legislation today. Each individual person has sacred and valuable worth before God. Each person is created in the Image of God and therefore loved by God. When individuals place themselves above God and deem themselves qualified to judge in God’s Name, then bad things happen to good people. When good people say and do nothing then bad things happen more intensely to all.

    I think it is time for the faithful People of God to acknowledge that God loves all God’s children, we are all creatures created in the Image of God and are equal before God. There are no favorites in God’s Kingdom. This madness must stop. A child is created by God to be who that child grows up to be whether gay, straight, bisexual, transsexual or whatever. God loves what God creates and calls it good. Thanks be to God.

  2. Too much drama for me! I choose to simply provide several basic single person use restrooms with a lock door and a “multi-gender” sign on the doors. Problem solved! Next!

    • David Allen

      Not every business, institution and public facility has the funds to build new bathrooms for your ingenious and compassionate solution. They have existing bathrooms built for humans with penises; they have urinals and for humans who don’t have penises; they don’t have urinals. However, today, all of those humans don’t fit into the neat boxes of male & female.

      • Dr. William A Flint, MDiv, PhD

        David, you would agree that no matter what box they fit in, they are still created in the Image of God.

      • Paul Powers

        When feasible, gender-neutral restrooms can be useful in many situations, not all involving transgender individuals. However, while these restrooms should be available to everyone, including transgender people, it is inappropriate to _require_ them to use them.

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