A New Year's Prayer

A New Year's Prayer:

This day is a new day That has never been before. This year is a new year, the opening door.

KEHF_4239%20Perigueux%20Park%20.jpgEnter, Lord Christ—
we have joy in Your coming.
You have given us life;
and we welcome Your coming.

I turn now to face You,
I lift up my eyes.
Be blessing my face, Lord;
be blessing my eyes.
May all my eye looks on
be blessed and be bright,
my neighbours, my loved ones
be blessed in Your sight.

You have given us life
and we welcome Your coming.
Be with us, Lord,
we have joy, we have joy.
This year is a new year,
the opening door.
Be with us, Lord,
We have joy, we have joy.

(from Celtic Daily Prayer: Prayers and Readings from the Northumbria Community, pp. 238-39)

h/t to Grandmère Mimi at Wounded Bird

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Does anybody know where this picture was taken? What a beautiful spot!

Cullin R. Schooley -- [added by ~ed.]

Our daughter took this photo in Perigueux, France -- we were there in October of 2012.

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