Uganda's anti-gay legislation rears its head yet again

The indefatigable Warren Throckmorton, whose reporting on the anti-gay legislation that has been in and out of consideration by the Ugandan parliament, suggests that it may once again be time for concern. He writes:

"While I cannot confirm that this source is trustworthy, the basic news that the Parliament is set to act on the bill is consistent with what I am hearing from sources in Uganda. Here is an ominous aspect of the report."

The speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga has today committed herself that in two weeks time parliament will pass the Anti-Homo Bill. Kadaga says that the passing of the Anti-Homo bill will be a Christmas gift to Ugandans who have been on front line in the fight against homosexuality.

Speaker Kadaga committed herself during a meeting with a coalition of religious, political, cultural leaders held at parliament where she said that Uganda is an independent country which operates under its constitution. We should stop dancing on the tune of western countries. We have the right to reject any things which is against our culture.

“Am going to allow Hon Bahati to proceed with his bill and make sure that it is passed within the period of two weeks. As leaders we should listen to the voice of our people. It is our responsibility to protect our country against homosexuality ,our value, culture and character” Speaker Kadaga noted.

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This legislation is incompatible with Christianity. Christ Jesus taught us to love neighbor and enemy -- not kill them. Christ Jesus told us to "treat others the same way we want to be treated" (Luke 6:31) -- presumably, none of us want to be put to death, so we don't put others to death. Christ Jesus shielded a woman accused of a sex crime from a lynch mob that claimed to have the law, religion and morality on its side in its bid to stone her to death (John 8:1-11) -- an example we are supposed to follow, if we wish to claim the label "Christian" and have it mean anything at all.

I find it puzzling that someone who claims that homosexuality is completely foreign to their country's values and culture seems to assume that it is also so attractive that draconian laws are required to keep young people from flocking to it. This type of homophobe always seems to have such a high regard for homosexuality's appeal it's hard not to think that they must have a very dim view of the attractiveness of heterosexuality. Indeed, African bishops themselves often speak as if unchecked homosexuality will lead to the death of the species through the abandonment of procreation.

Bill Dilworth

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