Andrew Sullivan tackles the arguments of anti-gay Christians

Andrew Sullivan refutes the arguments against recognizing same-sex relationships in this seven-part video excerpted from a lecture at Princeton University.

Part One

Part Two

Find the rest here.

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In which Andrew Sullivan implies he's smarter than other homosexuals, while "struggling to sort out" the mess of his own life.

Is his message easier for some to hear because he sounds intellectual? Such persons should ask how his conclusions differ from the homosexuals in their own pews, marching in their own city streets, the flesh and blood people they actually could encounter in daily life. Sullivan's product is mere varnish, enabling a few people to work out in their heads what ought to become clear in their bodies. Jesus never lectured in front of a chalkboard, he was too busy feeding 5000.

Thanks Josh, always you have a way of cutting the nonsense to the bone.

Your friend,

I don't quite understand the criticism/hostility toward an academic presentation at an academic venue.

I personally found this presentation rather more heart felt than the patronizing. I have been on the receiving end of intellectual patronizing -- and this wasn't it.

I am a raving liberal and, as such, almost hate to admit that he touched right on the issue that troubles me most about current liberalism -- identity politics.

Did he say anything really new? Most likely not. But I think that he clearly and succinctly an overview of many of the aspects of the "politics of homosexuality" in a way to focus discussion and thought.

Pam Alger

I'm with Pam. We don't have a significant majority on our side of this issue. We have to keep making the argument. The beauty of Sullivan's approach is that he refutes the right wing's arguments on the right wing's terms.

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