Saturday Collection 5/15/2010

Good things Episcopal Churches are doing to make their communities and the world a better place:

Church earns Energy Star Award

St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Newport News is the first house of worship in Virginia - and one of seven nationwide - to receive an Energy Star designation for outstanding energy efficiency
Deacon speaks at disability conference
The Rev. Sheila Shuford, Deacon at St. James’ Episcopal Church in Hackettstown NJ, presented a workshop at the Enable Conference, “Honoring our Disabilities, Finding a Spiritual Community,” on April 20 in Lawrenceville.

Labor of love brings forth beauty at St. Peter's Church in Fernandina FL (Photo by Heather A. Perry, News-Leader, used with permission, click on photo to enlarge)
The church has long been admired for its beautiful structure and colorful stained glass windows, but the kneeling cushions deserve commendation not only for their beauty, but also because of the labor of love that brought them into being.

Transitional home for women veterans
Zion Episcopal Church in Avon, New York, decided to expand its mission, converting the church's rectory into a six-bed transitional home for women veterans when its rector and the community realized women veterans, more so than men, can fall through the cracks.

The idea for Zion House began to take hold a few years ago when Zion's rector, the Rev. Mark Stiegler, was serving as a part-time chaplain at Veterans Affairs hospital, and noticed a gap in services provided to women veterans. He shared his observation with his church, and after much planning, including securing a grant and renovating the rectory, Zion House is planned to open next month, he said in a telephone interview.

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Photo Jim Ernst

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I'm stealing that ELO photo of the PB at Zion House to use for the Office on Memorial Day. We have many veterans and family members in our community.

That's wonderful work that Zion Church is doing.

I was listening to an interview of Gen Shinseki, Sec of the VA, on NPR yesterday. The needs of young(er) women veterans (back from Iraq and Afghanistan) was especially highlighted. Some of them have been traumatized BY THEIR OWN (sexually), and the overwhelmingly male edifice of the military/VA can be especially daunting.

JC Fisher

Josh - if you go to the ENS site it is available for download for free - no theft needed.

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