Archbishop of Canterbury offers prayers for Burma

[Episcopal News Service] The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, has written to the Anglican Church in Burma following the devastation of Cyclone Nargis in the area of the Irrawaddy River Delta.

In the letter to Archbishop of Myanmar and Bishop of Yangon Stephen Than Myint Oo, Williams assures the church of the prayers of the Anglican Communion and commends the rescue operation now underway.

"I am heartened to know relief efforts are underway to help hundreds of thousands of people who are without clean water, food, or shelter," said Williams. "Our hearts grieve with all those who have lost their loved ones, their homes and their livelihoods. In the face of such loss, all I can offer in my prayers for you is the totality of the love of God, even in the face of all that on earth is disfigured by natural disaster. 'This is the will of him who sent me, that I should lose nothing of all that he has given me, but raise it up on the last day.' (John 6.39). Please be assured that your brothers and sisters across the Communion are holding you in their prayers."

The Anglican Church in Burma is known as the Church of the Province of Myanmar.

Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD) is providing emergency assistance to communities in Burma affected by Cyclone Nargis. The storm, packing winds up to 120 miles per hour, swept through the country on Saturday, May 3, leaving at least 22,000 dead and a further 41,000 unaccounted.

Working with its partner, the Church of the Province of Myanmar, ERD is sending funds to secure shelter, food water and other relief needs for people displaced by the Cyclone. As part of a long-term strategy, ERD has been working for the past two years with five dioceses on economic development including agriculture, livestock, and micro-loans, clean water and education programs.

"Episcopal Relief and Development's response to the cyclone will involve a long-term recovery and rehabilitation strategy for affected areas in which the church has a presence," says Kirsten Laursen Muth, senior program director for Asia and New Initiatives. "Our prayers are with the people of Burma at this very difficult time."

To help people affected by the cyclone in Burma, make a donation to ERD's "Emergency Relief Fund" online here, or by calling 1-800-334-7626, ext. 5129. Gifts can be mailed to: Episcopal Relief and Development "Emergency Relief Fund" P.O. Box 7058, Merrifield, VA 22116-7058.

The AP reports the United States envoy in Myanmar estimates 100,000 dead and 1,000,000 homeless. The French foreign minister urges the UN invoke 'the United Nations should invoke its "responsibility to protect" civilians as the basis for a resolution to force delivery of aid to Myanmar, even if over the objections of the military government there.'

Episcopal Relief and Development helps Iowa

Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD) is providing emergency assistance to communities devastated by ongoing flooding in Iowa. So far the flood waters are responsible for the deaths of five people, the displacement of 38,000 others and have inflicted up to $1 billion in damage to Iowa's agricultural sector.

The damage to infrastructure is severe. Across eastern Iowa, the flooding rivers have washed out railroad lines, halted barge traffic on the Mississippi River and closed major roadways. Twenty-four counties have been declared disaster areas to date.

More rain is expected in the region and officials fear that flood waters will breech 27 levees along the Mississippi River in Iowa and Missouri later this week.

Working with its partner the Episcopal Diocese of Iowa, ERD is providing emergency assistance to people who have been displaced from their homes. Families will be given temporary shelter and provided with food, clothing, first aid and other basic necessities.

If you want to help Iowa go to ERD and click Disaster Response - Midwest Floods.

How to respond to a crisis

In times of natural disasters or emergencies, local authorities and folks from the community are likely to reach out to faith communities to help with recovery. But hardly any congregations have an existing plan in place to respond when disasters happen. And the requests aren't always of a material nature.

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Flood relief fund raisers for Alaska

According to Juneau Empire:

A huge community fundraiser is being planned to help people living in flood-stricken communities along the Yukon River. The fundraiser is planned for Friday at the Chief David Salmon Tribal Hall in Fairbanks. A dinner of honey-glazed ham with garlic mashed potatoes, country gravy, pasta salad and a dessert, prepared by Pike's Catering, will be served. A community wide garage sale also is planned for Saturday for flood relief and victims. That will be held during the day at St. Matthew's Episcopal Church.

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Challenging the edifice that produces beggars

The Rt. Rev. Charles Jenkins, bishop of the Diocese of Louisiana, writes about life after Katrina and the continuing needs in Episcopal Life Online on the fourth anniversary of the hurricane:

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Churches offering relief in flood ravaged places around world

Flooding is devastating communities in Sri Lanka and The Philippines, making life worse for people already suffering from war and poverty.

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NetsforLife snags $1.34 million

NetsforLife receives $1.34 million USAID grant

From Episcopal Life online

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Indoor storm in Copenhagen?

Ekklesia's blogger, Pascale Palmer, reports that storms are brewing within the conference center in Copenhagen:

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Update on Haiti aid from Episcopal Relief and Development

Episcopal Relief and Development latest report on disaster response. Working through partners in Dominican Republic, ER-D has been able to the aid into Haiti although airports and ports in Haiti are overloaded or not functioning.

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Haiti update; end of Day 5

The reports coming out of Haiti are still focusing on the rescue efforts and the first signs that the aid streaming in from around the world is starting to reach the victims.

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E-R-D responds to Ice Storm in Dakotas

Episcopal Relief & Development issued a press release that they are responding to requests for emergency aid from the Dioceses of North and South Dakota:

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Send Bishop Duracin a birthday gift

Today is Bishop Jean Zaché Duracin's birthday. Bishop Duracin is the Episcopal Bishop of the Diocese of Haiti.

Perhaps you might consider going to the Episcopal Relief and Development site and giving the bishop a birthday gift?

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Chilean Anglicans offer aid

The Anglican Church in Chile is responding to the urgent needs of those affected by the recent Chilean earthquake:

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Haiti: do relief organizations help or hurt long term?

News stories of NGO and church groups in Haiti have focused lately on whether or not they are really helping Haiti and its economy for its future. "Parachuting" teams of doers of good deeds into the situation with little long term commitment or sending huge donations of food and goods without considering the impact on the local economy causes those who are working for relief and development to wonder. Are we helping or hurting?

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Relief efforts in Japan (update)

Many Episcopalians are rallying to help those stricken by the multiple disasters in Japan over the past half week. While recovery efforts from the 9.0 earthquake and the subsequent tsunami are ongoing, the Japanese people are now dealing with a growing nuclear crisis that was raised to a level 6 this morning (out of a possible 7). The Chernobyl accident was rated a 7.

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Japan: People are our priority

The latest statement by Archbishop Nathaniel Makoto Uematsu of the Nippon Sei Ko Kai (Anglican Communion in Japan) via Anglican Communion News Service:

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Dioceses respond to storms in South and Southeast

UPDATE: Volunteers converge on St. Matthias Episcopal Church, Tuscaloosa:

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Diocese of Mississippi responds to flooding

With the Mississippi river reaching a near record crest today, and with the expectation that the flooding will remain severe through the end of May, church groups and others are beginning to organize a short term and long term response. The Episcopal News Service reports on the efforts of the Diocese of Mississippi.

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Anglican summit on crisis in the Horn of Africa

While news reports are just starting to give a sense of the scope of the disaster unfolding right now in the nations of eastern Africa, the Anglican Alliance for Development is already moving forward with a summit. Leaders from the various regions, Primates of the Anglican Communion and representatives of the U.N. will meet in Nairobi next week.

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Taxpayer-funded discrimination

Nicole Neroulias of Beliefnet asks whether religious organizations that receive federal subsidies--sometimes significant federal subsidies--should be allowed to discriminate in hiring, or to force employees to worship.

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Episcopal Relief and Development responds to Sandy

Episcopal Relief and Development is responding to Hurricane Sandy. Here's how:

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Episcopal Relief & Development responds to Sandy storm

Episcopal Relief & Development has set up a fund to support the efforts of their partners managing the response in the Caribbean and the US:

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Episcopal Relief and Development highly rated by Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports tells their readers to "Make sure your donation counts".

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Episcopal Relief and Development: Earthquake in China

Prayers and support are needed for the victims of the earthquake in China says Episcopal Relief and Development:

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Help in a disaster: What to do, what not to do

The Rev. Jennifer Mills-Knutsen, a minister in the United Church of Christ, lived through tornados that struck Henryville, Ind., in 2012. In the wake of tragedy in Oklahoma, she offers practical wisdom about what to do and what not to do in response to a disaster. DO NOT send “stuff,” DO NOT drive to the impacted area to help unless you are trained and credentialed by a recognized organization, and DO NOT say dumb things like “I know what you are going through,” because you don’t, she says. But, she writes, DO:

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ER-D issues bulletin inserts on tornado relief

Responding to devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma, Episcopal Relief & Development has produced bulletin inserts for distribution at worship services this Sunday. From an ER-D update:

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The Philippines: Episcopal Relief is in for the long haul

Sean McConnell writes about the 3-fold strategy in the face of disasters by Episcopal Relief and Development:

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Episcopal Relief & Development receives Grand Challenges Explorations grant

Episcopal Relief & Development shared excited news:

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Church responds to South Sudan crisis

Episcopal Relief and Development reports on the whole-hearted response from the churches to the troubles in South Sudan.

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A Super Bowl challenge to do good in the world

Here's a Super Bowl challenge that allows you to do some good in the world while showing your team spirit. Bishop Greg Rickel of the Diocese of Olympia in Western Washington and Bishop Robert O'Neill of the Diocese of Colorado have issued a Super Bowl challenge to football fans.

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Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone and Liberia

Episcopal Relief and Development has issued this press release:


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