Olson argues that same-sex marriage is a conservative value

Later today in California oral arguments begin in the case challenging that state's ability to deny same-sex marriage to its citizens. Ted Olson, a conservative republican, is the lead attorney in favor of restoring their right. Why? He explains his reasons in Newsweek.

A taste of his long article:

"The simple fact is that there is no good reason why we should deny marriage to same-sex partners. On the other hand, there are many reasons why we should formally recognize these relationships and embrace the rights of gays and lesbians to marry and become full and equal members of our society.

No matter what you think of homosexuality, it is a fact that gays and lesbians are members of our families, clubs, and workplaces. They are our doctors, our teachers, our soldiers (whether we admit it or not), and our friends. They yearn for acceptance, stable relationships, and success in their lives, just like the rest of us.

Conservatives and liberals alike need to come together on principles that surely unite us. Certainly, we can agree on the value of strong families, lasting domestic relationships, and communities populated by persons with recognized and sanctioned bonds to one another. Confining some of our neighbors and friends who share these same values to an outlaw or second-class status undermines their sense of belonging and weakens their ties with the rest of us and what should be our common aspirations. Even those whose religious convictions preclude endorsement of what they may perceive as an unacceptable "lifestyle" should recognize that disapproval should not warrant stigmatization and unequal treatment."

Read the full article here.

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Today from the defense counsel in this case; "Marriage is socially approved sexual intercourse."

I think that SCOTUS has already ruled in the past that who could schtup whom was a private matter when between consenting adults and was not to be interfered with by the individual states, so I hope that definition of marriage is a loosing argument from the word go in this case.

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