"Kids are not expendable" says Rowan Williams

The Anglican Communion News Service (ACNS) has published the text of an address by the Archbishop of Canterbury to the Kids Company Conference taking place in Britain:

"[Rowan Williams] called on the government to invest in the vulnerable children in our society:

'It's been said sometimes that you can gauge the termperature, the kind of moral climate of a society by looking at the way it treats its most vulnerable people…. What do we do on behalf of those who don't have voices, who don't have leverage, how do we bring their voices into public discussion? Are we a society where people are prepared to advocate for those who don't have voices of their own? Above all, are we prepared to put the necessary resource, skill and commitment, into the nurturing of human beings?''

Read the rest of the Archbishop's remarks to the 'No bullsh*t – What matters to every child' conference here.

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Archbishop: Kids are not expendable, unless they're gay.

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