A Katharine Jefferts Schori doll? Why didn't we think of that?

Word that Iran is cracking down on stores selling Barbie dolls has Leesha Faulkner thinking...

I don't agree with Iranian politics or sleep with the enemy so to speak. But there is some reason to this banning of the Barbie.

Perhaps, we should give our girls better icons to follow: the Tina Brown doll, the Maya Angelou doll, the Margaret Mead doll, the Linda Schele doll and dolls depicting the bodies, features and work of Carolyn Shoemaker in astronomy; Sally K. Ride in physics; Eka Esu-Williams in medicine; Nancy Lopez in sports; and Katharine Jefferts Schori in religion....

Real women with real flaws and active lives contributing to who we are and why we are...these should be our models.

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Fundraiser, anyone?

And a Barbara Harris doll - with really high heels and a crozier

I love all these suggestions. I'd go for a Bonnie Anderson doll too. You know, with a tiny gavel in her hand.

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