The spirituality of The Simpsons Movie

By Kim Lawton

[Episcopal News Service] They're silly, often irreverent and sometimes downright wicked. But The Simpsons may also be one of the most interesting examinations of religion in contemporary pop culture.

The release of The Simpsons Movie is grabbing new attention for the popular animated television series that has an often surprising take on spirituality.

"The Simpsons say grace at meals. They attend church on Sundays. They read and refer to the Bible; and they pray out loud -- although sometimes only under desperate circumstances," said Mark Pinsky, author of The Gospel According to the Simpsons.

"It's about a family in which religion plays a part," Pinsky said. "And in that sense, it's really reflective of what most Americans do and feel about religion."

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Here's how Rowan Williams might look if he made an appearance in movie:

Have you ever wondered how you'd look if you were drawn as a 'Simpsons' character? If you've got an uploadable photo this site will give you an idea!

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