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While we were focused on the House of Bishops meeting in New Orleans and its aftermath, sane people everywhere were spending their time in other pursuits, such as listening to Magic, the new Bruce Springsteen album, watching last night's season premier episode of Friday Night Lights, and finding other soul nourishing fare in the sometimes toxic stew of our popular culture.

Here is EW on the album, and the The New Yorker on FNL. Please leave a comment if you believe that God is a Red Sox fan. Those who hold a differing view are invited to contemplate it in the silence of thier prayer closets.

And for an old column of mine on the theological implications of the Subway Series of 2000, pay a visit here.

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Once upon a time, on a certain bleak Sunday morning after a certain dreadful ALCS Game 3 loss in the year of our Lord two thousand four, this priest looked out at his congregation--filled as it was with fans of a certain team in New York which shall remain nameless except that its last name ends in "Empire"--but also containing a small faithful following of The Most Blessed Nation and said the following to the faithful remnant: "All Red Sox fans will gather for a prayer meeting in the Chapel immediately following the liturgy."

And they lived happily ever after.

On that same Sunday morning, at a small riverside church along the coast of Maine, we placed a prayer in the prayer pouch that read, "Please, God, we need a four game miracle."

Our priest read it aloud during the service and everyone chuckled because the granting of that prayer seemed like a miracle of Old Testament proportions.

I wish I'd believed enough to dig the prayer out of the pouch after the service. O me of little faith.

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