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Bishop William White ‏was the 1st and 4th Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, the 1st and 4th President of the House of Deputies, and the Chaplain to Continental Congress. He "lives" now on Twitter @BpWhiteLives .

Yesterday @BpWhiteLives tweeted:

#Episcopal friends, are there people in the church whose lives & work give you hope? If so, will you point me toward them?

Our Jim Naughton picked that up and tagged it #EpiscopalHope. Feel free to respond there, but for those not on Twitter (or those who are willing to share a second time), the question stands:

Are there people in the church whose lives and work give you hope?

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The Rev. Becca Stevens in Nashville runs Thistle Farms ( and the Magdalene ministry to help women leave lives on the streets (prostitution, addiction, trafficking), offering two years of residency and support. Thistle Farms makes handmade organic beauty products that are simply amazing to help support this endeavor. She is a magnificent thinker, speaker, writer, and soul. Hearing her and her friends speak a couple of years ago was just awesome and inspiring.

People who give me hope . . .

The schizophrenic woman who struggles with meds and the messiness of her life and is in church every Sunday and helping in every way she can.

The young man with Asperger Syndrome who is the best lay reader in the congregation (he starts practicing on Monday).

The woman who is HepC positive and 300 pounds and who is at work every day and gives of herself in more ways that she could ever be aware of.

The man whose gentleness and grace blesses everyone he comes in contact with, whose humility is genuine, and about whom all the men say, "When I grow up, I want to be like him."

The two men who gave me an example of genuine manliness when I, as a teenager, needed a mentor. I am a Christian to this day because of them.

And so many more . . . .

Peter J. Van Hook

My dear old friend Lowell Grisham, rector of St. Paul's Fayetteville, AR, and who works with the Chicago Consultation, is one of those who gives me hope for the Church. Thank you, Father, for all you do. Your impact on my life is immeasurable, all these years later.

The members of St. John's - Tower Grove, who open their church hall every Saturday and serve a free meal to anyone who comes in.

And the people of Emmanuel - Webster Groves, who help staff the kitchen every 6 weeks or so with holy enthusiasm.

They all give me great hope.

Kevin McGrane

Trinty in the Central West End in St. Louis has meal fellowship every Sunday and a food pantry.

The Diocese of Oklahoma has an amazing summer camp program every year that reaches hundreds of our youngest members and their friends.

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