Goodbye, but not farewell!

I am stepping away as the regular Wednesday "Lead" Newsblogger effective after today, but I hope to be able to return as a more regular contributor to the Daily Episcopalian, and also to spend more time and energy on writing, some new study projects, and the ongoing work and ministry of being a dad, and a parish priest.

The Episcopal Café is a blessing for the Church, and an amazing example of lay and ordained volunteer ministry that has a tremendously good effect on our church. I feel blessed to have been able to contribute a bit to this effort over the last 2 1/2 years and hope at some point to make the time to return. I feel extremely blessed to have been able to work alongside the likes of my fellow newsbloggers, even though I have met only one of them in person!

Look for me over at the Daily Episcopalian, or at my blog, "Santos Woodcarving Popsicles."

God be with ye! Goodbye, but not farewell!

Peace and blessings,

Peter M. Carey

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Thanks for your contributions, enjoy more time as Dad, they only hit each age once. Ok some get stuck it seems, but still it is precious time.

Well done, Peter. I will miss you. I wish you well in your future activities. I'm pleased that you won't be gone altogether, and I look forward to your writings in the Daily Episcopalian.

June Butler

Thanks Peter for being a great colleague in this project.

Peter, thank you for everything! You've been great to work with.

Torey Lightcap

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