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A Connecticut state superior court judge ruled that Groton church property belongs to the Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Connecticut:

CONNECTICUT: Judge says Groton church property belongs to diocese, Episcopal Church
From Episcopal Life Online

A state superior court judge ruled March 15 that the real and personal property ofBishop Seabury Episcopal Church in Groton, Connecticut, is held in trust for the Diocese of Connecticut and the Episcopal Church.

Judge Barry Stevens granted a request for such a ruling from the diocese and the Episcopal Church in a lawsuit against the former rector and vestry members of the parish, which is named for the first Episcopal bishop and Groton native Samuel Seabury (1729-1796).

Former rector the Rev. Ronald S. Gauss and some former members of the parish, including then-vestry members, affiliated with the Convocation of Anglicans in North America (CANA) in November 2007. Gauss has since refused to relinquish control of the church property, including the keys to the buildings and parish records.

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OK, what exactly is the thought process that results in the thought that a church named for the first Episcopal bishop does not belong to The Episcopal Church? It's like saying that the Washington Monument doesn't belong to the United States. Good call there Judge Stevens.

I have to question the sincerity of people who refuse to sacrifice anything for their cause. These folks want it all: righteous indignation, a sense of superiority and all the stuff that does not belong to them. In each instance courts are finding the facts to be what these folks refuse to believe. There's a pattern of denial here which goes deeper than property matters.

I don't doubt that some significant number of (now ex-)parishioners, self-deemed a "majority" at some moment in time, loudly declared "Well, if Bishop Samuel Seabury were ALIVE TODAY, he'd be leaving TEC too!" {Sigh}

JC Fisher

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