Pope to stay out of Anglican debate

An article from the AP is saying that Benedict XVI is praying for the Anglican Church but he isn't inclined to weigh in.

Benedict said he did not want to "interfere" in the debate.

Still, the Vatican on Tuesday said the decision by the Church of England to allow women to become bishops will be an obstacle to its reconciliation with the Roman Catholic Church. The Vatican does not permit the ordination of women.

You can read more here.

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Well, maybe someday Rome will get around to ordaining women. THEN we can reunite!

Well, I figure that since putting the liturgy in the vernacular took Rome 400 years before they caught up with us, we can look for ordained RC women somewhere around 2400 AD!

Andrew Gerns:

I am not sure Benedict was ever "in" the Anglican debate except in the minds of a few journalists primed by the wishes of some unhappy traditionalists looking for some leverage.

Should some of these folks decide to go to Rome, it will be as it always has been: on a case by case basis, entirely on Rome's terms. They have enough problems without inheriting ours.

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