Methodists launch $20 million ad campaign

From the United Methodist Church:

Rethink Church, the next evolution of The United Methodist Church's "Open hearts" welcoming and advertising campaign, will kick off on May 5 and 6 with major launch events in New York City and Washington, D.C., and other cities nationwide.

Audiences will see and hear more than $20 million in new advertising over the next four years on television, radio, print, and in new media, including banner and keyword advertising on major secular Web sites.

The messaging, targeting 18- to 34-year-olds, highlights the many opportunities for involvement within United Methodist churches - from community hunger programs to basketball leagues. Meanwhile, the denomination is engaging in dialogue within its churches about enhancing those opportunities.

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And General Convention of the Episcopal Church continues to allocate 0 dollars to a similar effort for the Episcopal Church.

Instead, we peel carrots...

Seriously, though, the UMs have a good concept, nicely done, in the Ken Burns style. Unfortunately, it's wrong for the demographic they're targeting. Even I got bored half-way through and skipped to the end.

I would bet many dollars that there were no actual 20s involved in this project. And if there were, it was the 50s-60s who had final approval.

The UMC folks are waaaayyy too far in bed with the Evangelicals these days for this to really get off the ground. And the whole open mind, etc. schtick goes OUT the door when the Book of Discipline is brought into the discussion. Their way, or the highway, and yes, they legislate for ALL their members. "Connexionalism", they call it. No thanks.

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