Ex-gay ministry in financial trouble

The well-known and controversial ministry that claims to turn glbt people straight is having some very significant and unexpected financial problems this summer according to a post on their blog.

Exodus International's leadership has deeply involved in the notorious Ugandan legislation against gay and lesbian people. According to a report in the Falls Church News, the attention engendered by that activity led the to make some unwise financial decisions.

"The spiritual drunkenness of Exodus had led the organization to foolishly trade its leased offices in favor of a building with a million dollar mortgage. Now, deep into the recession, the organization is left begging the Lord for a loan and asking God's helpers for a helping hand. On Monday, Exodus wrote on its blog, 'Will you pray and ask if God would use YOU to extend His hand of generosity to our ministry during this challenging season?'

In this same Internet post, the organization announced layoffs. The downsizing mirrored severe cuts by Focus on the Family, which sold its financially strapped 'ex-gay' road show, 'Love Won Out', to Exodus last year. Apparently, it was not such a wise investment for Exodus, judging by the group's latest plea for help.

'Dear friends, please pray for us at Exodus,' wrote the organization's President Alan Chambers.  'We have experienced an unexpectedly low giving season this summer coupled with much higher expenses (insurance, utilities, etc). Sadly, we have had to let several staff go. Your prayers are appreciated. For those who are also having to endure this unfriendly economy, our prayers are with you!'

Those who do not follow the 'ex-gay' industry must have been surprised by Exodus' poverty plea. After all, on Aug. 10, the organization's President Alan Chambers told CNN's blog that, 'Our calls are increasing. Our ministries say we're busier than ever.'"

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We do pray for Exodus and Focus on the Family and all organizations and people who refuse to accept all Godde's children. And we don't pray with malice, only that they gain understanding of Jesus's message to love all and leave judgment to Godde. Somehow I don't think they would find our prayers either valid or helpful.

The most interesting bit in this article is that "anti-gay programming" is now a commodity that one group can sell to another.

Given that it seems to have been a bad investment, one might wonder if the FDA should more closely regulate snake oil salespeople.

TBTG that they are now in a great position to do so much less damage to GLBT folks!


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