Colin Coward of Changing Attitudes to marry

An article in the Daily Mail reports on the plans of The Rev. Colin Coward, the Director of Changing Attitudes UK to enter into a civil partnership with his partner. The civil partnership will then be blessed at Coward's parish church in Wiltshire:

" The couple met at a Christian conference three years ago, and are planning to make their relationship official in a few weeks’ time.

Bobby Ikekhuame Egbele, a fashion designer and model, grew up in Nigeria and runs an online clothes shop. Currently in the UK on a holiday visa, he and his ‘husband-to-be’ are waiting for the green light from the Borders Agency, which has requested details of their relationship and residency.

This is expected to be a formality but the ‘marriage’ cannot go ahead until permission is granted. Mr Egbele, who will then become a British citizen, said yesterday: ‘I’m excited about the wedding and that people are interested in it. "

More here.

The article may need to be read carefully as it has a number of problems in its reporting according to a post on Colin Coward's Facebook page.

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From Colin's FB page
Colin Coward Thanks for all the congratulatuions, and the errors are: I'm not a vicar, I'm 64, we're not getting married, Bobby isn't a model, and he's less than half my age - that's 5 in the headline alone.

Whatever the errors in the headlines (does the Daily Mail ever NOT have errors? O_o): Mazel Tov to the happy couple!

JC Fisher

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