Be happy. Bobby McFerrin attends an Episcopal Church.

Bobby McFerrin talks with Kim Lawton of Religion & Ethics Newsweekly about music for spiritual journey, and remembers wanting to be an Anglican monk. It's worth sitting through the 30 second commercial for this excellent eight minute piece.

Watch Bobby McFerrin on PBS. See more from Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly.

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"I'm spiritual, not religious." I don't know - he sounds pretty religious to me! Reads the Bible daily? Seeks out a church to attend when he travels? Identifies with the Episcopal Church (even loosely)? Feels music is his calling from God? Maybe we just have different definitions of that word - "religious" - I imagine most folks think it means "proselytizing" or "fundamentalist" or "self-righteous"?

Bobby was a member of St Aidan's when he lived in San Francisco and when he is back in town he comes back to worship with us. One can tell he is a man of deep prayer during the liturgy. I just love me some Bobby McFerrin and am glad he is an Episcopalian!

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