VOTE: help New Orleans' Jericho Road get an orchard

Today is the last day to vote in the Edy's Fruit Bars: Communities Take Root program:

Communities across the United States are ripe for renewal, ready to receive a complete fruit orchard provided by the Edy's Fruit Bars brand and the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation. Cast your vote for one of our Communities Take Root participants and help them reap the rewards of their own fresh fruit supply

About Jericho Road:
Located in the heart of New Orleans, the historic Central City neighborhood emanates the powerful spirit of our culturally influential city. Community traditions of art and political activism have cultivated numerous important music and civil rights figures. Generations of families still gather around the staples of New Orleanian life: music, food, and porch gatherings. Although struggling to overcome common inner-city problems—including crime and blight— both old and new residents are committed to revitalizing their neighborhood. Central City’s history, location, and people make it an area ripe for redevelopment. While many resources have been directed to construction and social services, the neighborhood still lacks green space, fresh food, and environmental education opportunities. A fruit tree orchard would fulfill these unmet needs and contribute to Jericho Road’s holistic approach to neighborhood revitalization.

Jericho Road is currently second in the voting - let's make it #1!!!

Go to Jericho Road here to vote. Be sure to follow the instructions to reply to the email you will receive.

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I did, Mimi! Twice, once yesterday and once today.

Sorry Ann, I thought I had clicked on Wounded Bird's link!

I'm too late to vote for the fruit trees for Jericho Road, but even if they don't win, fruit trees are a relatively inexpensive and colorful way to lift spirits, fill vacant land, and provide some food for humans or at least birds.
Nancy Thompson

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