Quilt auction for winter fuel

Bonnie Anderson, former President of the House of Deputies, is sponsoring an auction of a star quilt made by to raise funds to buy fuel for the Cheyenne River Episcopal Mission:


This quilt could be yours! Bonnie Anderson will receive bids on behalf of Cheyenne River Episcopal Mission --help us raise funds for winter fuel. Wopila tanka!

Bids start at $200

Send Bonnie Anderson a private message on her facebook page with the amount of your bid. Late afternoon everyday, the amount of the highest bid will be posted on the Cheyenne River Episcopal Mission FB page. If you see that you have been outbid and you want to increase your bid, send Bonnie a new message updating your bid.
The winner will be notified on November 19 after 6:00 p.m. Payment to be made to Cheyenne River Alms Fund. More payment information to auction winner. Personal or certified checks only accepted.

Deadline for bids Before 6 p.m. on November 19

Contact Bonnie Anderson on Facebook or by Email.

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