'It's a fight for their lives' -- NY Times on Uganda

The New York Times features original reporting by Jeffrey Gettlemen (together with some details that have been rehearsed both here and elsewhere) on the Ugandan kill-the-gays bill, paying special attention to the American ties that helped to stoke furor over homosexuals living there.

Donor countries, including the United States, are demanding that Uganda’s government drop the proposed law, saying it violates human rights, though Uganda’s minister of ethics and integrity (who previously tried to ban miniskirts) recently said, “Homosexuals can forget about human rights.”


Uganda seems to have become a far-flung front line in the American culture wars, with American groups on both sides, the Christian right and gay activists, pouring in support and money as they get involved in the broader debate over homosexuality in Africa.

“It’s a fight for their lives,” said Mai Kiang, a director at the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, a New York-based group that has channeled nearly $75,000 to Ugandan gay rights activists and expects that amount to grow.

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Kudos especially to Box Turtle Bulletin for its coverage. Here's a commentary prompted by the NYT report:


Whether the results of the actions of these individuals was intended or not, people may die because of their actions. I believe it would be most appropriate for someone to call these folks to repent publically for what they have done. (It might sound more convincing and serious if it came from a bishop.)

The New York Times article can be found here.

I´m no Bishop but +Orombi need to observe his own preaching and I blogged it in December 2009:


The Anglican Communion Primates/others Standing ¨Central¨ Committee ought call +Orombi forward and ask him DIRECTLY why he refuses to attend Primates Standing Committee Meetings and REFUSES to take Communion with other Primates...there is little show of ¨willingness¨ to turn toward Anglican Communion ¨wellness¨ without participating in the affairs of The Anglican Communion and Eucharist...some of the Gafcon gang simply support ¨killing the Gays¨ and their silence on the matter is deadly and destructive (and cowardly)...perhaps there ought have been a point number 5 in the Drexel Gomez/Rowan Williams forcefed Anglican Communion Covenant that strictly PROHIBITS the promotion of GENOCIDE at The Anglican Communion. How about it +Rowan and +Drexel and +Orombi and +Akinola/Gafconners?

Let´s start with LIFE vs MURDER and go from there at The Anglican Communion.

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