A one-minute story of reconciliation

An Argentinian bank created an ad that says that if a bank can change and be generous, then maybe we can too. Watch this video:

Now imagine if it were not a bank that framed this message, but a church.

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Praying that our church will offer non-discrimination to transgender persons.

Ann, I'm a trans woman and a member of my church council, at least for now. May I just say that praying will not work by itself. It would require active participation by priests to stop congregations from continually holding the Bible up to support their bigotry and to exclude people such as trans people. Imo, the fault and the blame are with both the priests and the congregations. Priests cannot be hands off and passive otherwise there will always be members of the congregation who will take great joy and pleasure in baiting the trans people.
My own experience has destroyed my belief in Christianity, I believe many trans people have had similar experiences with churches of many denominations. With regret, Jane.

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