R.I. governor, businesspeople, rabbis back marriage equality

Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee is participating is a panel discussion at New York University today to discuss the "economic harms" of not allowing gay couples to marry. See full story here. Business leaders in Rhode Island have announced the formation of a new coalition in favor of legalizing gay marriage, and the Board of Rabbis of Greater Rhode Island has announced its support for same-sex marriage in the state, the only state in New England which has not legalized gay unions. From the Providence Journal:

Board of Rabbis of Greater Rhode Island has announced its support for legislation to allow same-sex couples to marry in Rhode Island.

Rabbi Amy Levin of Temple Torat Yisrael, the board president, said Wednesday that the statement of support was drafted last week and received "no veto" when it was circulated among all if the board's 24 Conservative, Reform, Orthodox and Reconstructionist rabbis.

The board based its support partly on the "lessons of Jewish history" that "provide us with a mandate to work for civil rights."

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Please, the term should be "marriage equality" or (if you must) "same sex marriage". As we have reminded the Cafe before, we are not "gay married", simply married.

Susan Forsburg

[Thanks Susan. Changed ~ed.]

The language preference is news to me. I apologize. I will try to remember this when I post items in the future. Theresa

Thank you, Theresa.

It has become a strategy of the anti-equality side to refer to "gay marriage" as though what a gay couple shares is something different (the whole "redefinition of marriage" concept). But of course, marriage is marriage, and we are no more "gay married" than we do "gay laundry" or have "gay lunch" or park our "gay cars". A further discussion can be found here.

And now the AP has agreed we have husbands and wives!

Susan Forsburg

Note also that the Rt.Rev. Nicholas Knisely, previously of The Lead and now Episoopal Bishop of Rhode Island has been, and continues to be, vocal in support of same sex marriage for Rhode Island. He states that his support is because of his faith, not as many say "in spite of it"
Kit Tobin

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