Marriage Equality in the Episcopal Church: status map

Integrity has produced a map of where each bishop stands on marriage equality. Does your bishop say yes or no to marriage? blessings? or something in between?

Diocesan Policies on Blessings
At General Convention 2012, Integrity USA and its partners worked successfully to get approval of a rite to bless same-sex blessings (click here for more info on the rite). Since that time, Integrity has gathered information on diocesan policies that continue to emerge and change.

The map below [see website] has indicators for each diocese (located at its headquarters on this map); if you click on or hover over one of the pins, it will tell you whether blessings are currently allowed by diocesan policy, and whether priests are allowed to marry same-sex couples, not just bless them. If the diocese has answered 'no' on the question of marriage, it may simply be because civil same-sex marriage does not exist in their state.

Where available, supporting documentation is linked from the name of the diocese.

If you have updated information for a diocese, or if you have a supporting link where none is shown, please email them to us.

What is the situation in your diocese? Full support of the bishop? Absolute no? Something in between?

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This is very helpful: thank you, Integrity!

JC Fisher

[My bishop (+Beisner, NorthernCalifornia): affirmative of blessings, waiting on SCOTUS for marriage equality! Maranatha! :-)]

I find the mix in the South extremely fascinating. All dioceses in Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia, as well as the statewide dioceses in Arkansas and Mississippi, allow the blessings, but most of the dioceses in Florida don't.

Morris Post

Unfortunately, I am a priest who believes in marriage-equality but lives and works in a diocese that not only prohibits same-sex blessings/unions/marriage, but also insists that any clergy person who wishes to simply attend a same-sex blessing/marriage (even wearing civvies) must ask for the bishop's permission to do so. It is a heart-breaking situation for us.

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