Jim Wallis for marriage equality
- sort of

Sarah Posner at Religion Dispatches reports that Jim Wallis of Sojourners has sort of jumped on the marriage equality bandwagon:

Two years ago this Mother's Day, Sojourners refused to run an ad produced the group Believe Out Loud, "a trans-denominational effort to promote LGBT equality in mainline Protestant congregations, focused on Mother’s Day to launch its new campaign to invite one million believers to 'sign up' for full LGBT equality in our churches and society-at-large." The reaction from progressive Christians was swift and deafening. "The big tent collapsed this weekend," wrote Episcopalian and LGBT equality activist Jim Naughton [our Jim, ed.], "and it was Sojourners who yanked out the tent poles. Someone needs to alert official Washington that Jim Wallis and his minions no longer speak for us—if they ever did."

The following year, Wallis took a sabbatical, and now he's back—
Wallis doesn't come right out and say he supports marriage equality, but embarks on a Heritage Foundation-inflected lecture about "recovenanting, reestablishing, renewing marriage." He then adds, "I think we should include same-sex couples in that renewal of marriage." What?

Read it all here.

h/t to Susan Russell

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I don't see where he's saying he supports marriage equality. He seems to support something that gives the same rights and benefits without calling it marriage. Which, unfortunately Wallis, isn't marriage equality.


"I think equal protection under the law is something that does support the idea of a civil, civic decision that provides same sex couples the same benefits and rights under the civil law as married couples have. That’s the direction we’re going, but what the church says about sacramental marriage is a larger, deeper question that has to be resolved over time. They need freedom to look at the scriptures and determine what is possible. People can have different views theologically and still support equal protection, which is inclusive more and more of marriage equality."

John's right. Don't trust the man; never turn your back on an Evangelical.

Kurt Hill
Brooklyn, NY

Geez, so wishy-washy Jim! Why not let your yes be "Yes" and your no be "No"? (Church at Laodicea ring a bell?)

JC Fisher

With friends like JW, who needs enemies? Still, there is hope for every person, so perhaps we're seeing a move towards greater compassion and empathy on his part.

Eric Bonetti

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