CofE House of Bishops says no to same-sex marriage

The Church of England is open to clergy who wish to offer prayers to couples after gay marriage becomes legal in the UK, but remains closed to providing church weddings to gay couples. The Independent reports:

Gay couples will be able to have special prayers following their weddings but members of the clergy are banned from entering same-sex marriages when these become legal next month.

The Church of England issued its new pastoral guidance following a meeting of the House of Bishops to discuss the issue on Friday.

Despite condemning “irrational fear of homosexuals” and saying all were “loved by God”, the document sent a clear signal separating the Church’s concept of marriage and the new legal definition.

Read the entire House of Bishops newly issued Pastoral Guidance on Same Sex Marriage here.

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By the third paragraph of the statement, all that Gospel love disappears. LGBT folk need the prayers of C or E clergy less than the clerics need the prayers of gay people. Ash Wednesday is coming. Maybe Cantaur and Ebor will feel the repentance to which they call others.

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