Going to church even when you can't go

Snow, ice, fog, and freezing rain are certainly all hallmarks of this time of year - just things we've learned to live with and drive on - but major sections of the U.S. have recently been shut down by bad weather. How do you exercise your faith when the weather keeps you at home?

Obviously the Internet has revolutionized the question. Resources abound for engaging in worship experiences. Here are a few.

Do you have a resource that's not on this list?
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Another online version of the Daily Office is at http://www.dailyoffice.org/

Daily Office has daily - mostly reflections on the Daily Office lections. Also on Facebook Streams of Mercy

     I've found a wonderful podcast of morning prayer. It is great to be able to download it daily. I listen to it on the go while I'm driving on those mornings where I am just too rushed. The speaker has a wonderful speaking voice, and there is appropriate instrumental music throughout. I found it through ITunes, but here is the direct link:

Morning Prayer from the Episcopal Church in Garrett County
Daily Morning Prayer

The resource Rick+ mentions was covered on The Lead,


People may also be interested in Pray as you Go which can be downloaded in MP3 format. http://www.pray-as-you-go.org/

Thanks for mentioning Anglicans of Second Life. We have snow on the sim but it's not stopping anyone getting to our Cathedral! Happy to welcome anyone who would like to worship with us. Five services a week have sermons, so food for thought a-plenty, and we also have a bible study.

Helene Milena (Lay Pastor)

The Washington National Cathedral has a webcast every week of the entire 11:15 am Eucharist service. All the great music from beginning to end, the readings, the sermon, and the prayers. It's a great way to virtually 'go to church' if you're home ill or otherwise can't get to your own parish. www.nationalcathedral.org

- Carleton MacDonald, member, Ascension, Gaithersburg, Md., and bell ringer at the Cathedral.

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