Live: Reflections, the second draft

We have just received the most recent draft of the reflections paper--which is still a work in progress. Here is the paragraph that may give the best sense of what is to come:

Indaba is not shaped to produce a Communique, an Encyclical Letter, or a text which resembles a series of dispositions or resolutions. Indaba is open-ended conversation, which doesn't begin by looking for results or feedback. The final document must be faithful to the indaba process: it will therefore be descriptive of the totality of the engagement which the bishops have undertaken under God.

Another worthwhile paragraph:

Nevertheless, we must acknowledge that there are great tensions in our relationship at present, and an erosion of trust between us. There is concern caused by a perceived lack of restraint and self-limitation, by impaired communion and by intervention across provinces. There is some lack of confidence in the "Instruments of Communion" as the means of achieving this and a particular concern about the role of the Primates' Meeting.

There is a strong view that the way forward lies chiefly through deepening: person to person relationships; diocesan partnerships; reviving our sense of belonging and mutual affection.

We recognize that the variety of provincial order---the different polities of our Churches--can produce misunderstandings and confusions.

Comments (2)

Somehow "lack of restraint" always seems to come first and
"intervention across provinces" just scrapes in at the end.

Well, if you put it that way, Roger. When I read "lack of restraint and self-limitation", I thought of it as "failure to restrain/limit one's episcopal jurisdiction to one's own diocesan/provincial boundaries"!

JC Fisher

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