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That's going to do it for me, folks. I am heading home on Monday, and will probably be laying low for awhile. I have more strong feelings than are helpful about what has happened here, and I am not yet sure how I think our Church should respond to it. But those are conversations for another day.

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Thank you for all you have done for us by posting during Lambeth. It had to be a lot of hard work. I'm sure I'm not the only one who checked in here at least 3 times per day and found something new each time. I hope your flight is uneventful, and that you get a well deserved rest.

-Susan Hedges

Many thanks, Jim! Traveling mercies...

JC Fisher


Many thanks for rich, provocative coverage. While you lay low, you've given us a lot to weigh and consider. It has sounded almost like two events - a much-needed and frequently graceful conversation among leaders of churches who DO want to stay together and learn from each other and simultaneous back room and press-room maneuvering from a group that claims righteousness and seems interested in power and committed to schism (leaving and/or forcing us out).

Thank you again for leadership, reflective reporting, judicious offering of your opinion and experience, and a role of faithful provocateur.

Blessings on your travel and (we hope) some rest.

My gratitude to you for your fortitude - especially in reporting a conference that would have reminded this observer all too well of why we Americans dumped all that tea in the harbor back in 1773.

Our Episcopal Church does not need to be part of a group that seeks to disenfranchise some so that others will be happy. As Bp. Robinson said in the Sunday New York Times: "Bullies never get enough. They always come back for more.” Did Jesus give in to bullies? I think not. It is as simple as that. I hope our institutional leadership does not fall into the sway of thinking that it is important to belong to the Anglican Communion just because, well, because we have. It is far more important to realize who we are, and why, and keep our priorities on preserving those values.

Thanks, Jim. You've provided a valuable service for those of us holding our breath over here while this all unfolded.

Enjoy your well deserved rest.

Thanks, Jim. You've provided a valuable service for those of us holding our breath over here while this all unfolded.

Enjoy your well deserved rest.

Terry Martin

Jim, thanks for your diligence in the live-blogging and all links to other Lambeth doings. - Jay Vos

Get cozy, relax, there is nothing more to be done (as we continue to welcome the authentic people at TEC that God meant us to welcome and love while you're having a well deserved rest)...thanks for all that you do.

Wise, Jim. Rest up. We all need a Lambeth-free period. Once you have had a chance to be refreshed and to ponder, you'll treat us to something thoughtful, I'm sure. Huge thanks for your fine coverage and comment and for the many useful links to blogging bishops, media analysis, et al. Summer blessings.

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