Top wedding reception songs

Christian Pop Culture discusses the top wedding receptions songs. Here are their picks - what are yours?

5. The Chicken Dance: everyone actually flaps their arms to look like chickens.

4. Brick House: nobody even knows what it means but it’s fun to watch people “bust-a-move” on this one.

3. Love Shack: 40 year old women really dig this song and it’s pretty funny to watch...

2. Don’t Stop Believin': Everyone who doesn’t play guitar air jams to the guitar solo on this one.

1. Thriller: Choreographed dances are hilarious, particularly this one.

Add your songs to the comments.

Comments (3)

Yes we do know what #4 means (just Google "she's built like a brick"), but I don't really know why people think it is so appropriate for a wedding reception. Then again, it is considered a compliment. Maybe that's how we get the phrase "blushing bride."

Bill Ghrist

Y.M.C.A., of course!

I'm shocked! What happened to (Kool & the Gang's) "Celebration!" - ?

And the Hokey Pokey! Or is that just a Chicago thing?

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