Jay Leno has some fun with Washington National Cathedral

CNN did an excellent little story on Joe Alonso, head stone mason at Washington National Cathedral. Have a look. Then take a look at what Jay Leno did with it.

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Now that's funny!!

Don't you hate it when that happens?

Unfortunately, the second film was a genuine tragedy.


Article from:
The Cincinnati Post (Cincinnati, OH)
Article date:
September 27, 1997

Byline: Associated Press

ASSISI, Italy -- The earthquake's first jolt dug deep cracks into the precious frescoes of the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi. But as friars and engineers gathered to behold the damage, even greater tragedy struck.

With several dozen people inside the 13th century church, the second jolt sent huge sections of the vaulted ceiling crashing to the ground in an explosion of white dust. Four in the group were killed: one friar, another about to take his vows and two structural experts.

It's the second jolt that Leno used for his spoof. The video shows people being killed.

Bunker Hill
Spearfish, SD

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