Getting snuggly with your faith

Killing the Buddha reports on the offerings of Vision Bedding:

Thank you, Elizabeth Castelli, for introducing me to the bedroom of my dreams, courtesy of Vision Bedding. I’ve often wondered if there’s a place where faith meets decor. Like most Catholics, I tend to trail statues, plaques, holy water fonts, crucifixes and mass cards all over my house, but I’ve never been able to get snuggly with my faith.

Now I can. Vision Bedding’s “custom bedding option allows the devout to bring a spiritual tone to any bedroom, from the kids’ room to the adults’ master bedroom.”

Check out the offerings here. We would share some with you but all images are copyrighted.

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I wonder if any of this bedding also doubles as a contraceptive. It certainly would be a libido killer for me!

This is just creepy. Maybe it's just not my taste.

If you go to their home page, you'll see that it's not just religious motifs, and not just bedding. Your creepy home decorating options are limitless!

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