Doing stand-up for God

Can you say the word “breast” in a sermon? If so, how often?

When trying to keep a congregation’s attention during a long homily, how much disrobing in the pulpit is too much?

And what is the deal with communion tablecloths? Can they be used for anything besides communion — say, as props or costume accessories?

Paul Vitello of The New York Times asks these and other questions in a story about a workshop at Union seminary on the uses of humor in ministry.

So, people, what are the uses of humor in ministry? What's the best joke you've ever heard from a pulpit? And did it have anything to do with the readings?

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How often? Once, and only if it has the word chicken in front of it.

I'm terrible at remembering jokes, but I was amused by a recent comment on this blog: "Is Jesus your personal Lord and savior? Answer: No. I share him."

Well, there have been the times when, based on that lesson from John's Gospel, I have preached on cannibalism....

Marshall Scott

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