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Elizabeth Kaeton tells us of a contest at Ship of Fools to condense the Lord's Prayer down to 160 characters or less.

The competition was for re-writing the Lord's Prayer for the mobile phone, using just 160 characters or less. It was judged for Ship of Fools by the Churches' Broadcasting Conference. The task itself was not easy. The traditional version of the Lord's Prayer is 372 characters long, so whittling it down to 160 characters meant cutting the prayer by more than half but without losing anything important.

Third Place: Rev. Stephen E. Moore, Bellevue, Washington, USA (WOO HOO!! Go Vicar of all Bellevue!). Here's what he wrote:, You rule, up and down. We need grub and a break. Will pass it on. Keep us focused. You totally rule, long term. Amen.

Find the winner here.

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Ah, an internet & email chestnut...

Whether this is news depends on your idea of recent. A Google search for "dad@hvn,ur spshl" first turned up a 2007 report on the contest, describing it as recent, then a 2005 blog post. Down the page is a BBC report from 2003. The Ship of Fools page is so old it's missing its images--the copyright is 2001, so possibly it's that old.

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