Convention buttons 2.0

File the following under wearing your heart on your sleeve: from noted blogger Lionel Deimel, a line of "No Anglican Covenant" themed merchandise: shirts, caps, tote bags, bumper stickers ... even an apron:

Deimel explains:

The objective was not to make money but to promote opposition to the Anglican covenant, particularly within The Episcopal Church. Because the 2012 General Convention will likely be making a decision regarding the covenant, we can expect increasing discussion of its merits in parishes and dioceses in the next two years or so. My Farrago Gift Shop ... offers many items that are especially good at communicating one’s opposition to the covenant: apparel, bumper stickers, magnets, buttons, and the like. It remains to be seen if there is a real market for these items, but, as interest in the covenant increases, as I’m sure it will, I hope there will be.

This doesn't exactly qualify as "Now we've seen everything," but it puts us a step closer.

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This line of Fashion Opposition is fantastic...I especially like the ¨Butcher Apron¨ that seems especially appropriate when saying NO to those who would, and do, carve up The Anglican Communion.

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